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Get Inspired... Our Styles

Lauzon trend researchers have identified 4 fundamental style groupings that are used in today’s interiors. Whether you have an affinity for the minimalist that defines modern or a penchant for the formality that is conveyed by classic, there is a Lauzon hardwood floor that will match your style preference. Here some flooring ideas to get you started.


Modern tastes enjoy simplicity and clarity. Homes will feature strong linear elements and incorporate industrial materials such as steel, concrete and glass. The warmth of real hardwood beautifully contrasts with the rigidity of these materials and is often used on the floors, walls and ceilings.


Contemporary interiors are a reflection of the present day. This style aesthetic permits plenty of degrees of freedom of creative expression. Unlike the rigidness of the modern style, a contemporary styled space often features curved forms and soft edges. This themed décor style is ideal for soothing and purifying wood tones while remaining casual and functional.


This formal and refined look has its roots in period influences such as the Renaissance and Romanesque eras. Traditionally styled spaces will be adorned with elegant furniture and stately objects such as glass chandeliers, baroque mirrors and crown moldings. This formally themed décor may be given a contemporary flair through the use of bold combinations of unexpected colour or through the use of black and white schemes. The ideal hardwood flooring for the neo-classical interior will have a high lustre, a smooth wood grain such as maple or hickory, deep stains and very little surface texture (smooth or cashmere feel).


The feeling and spirit of small town familiarity and down home comfort is what defines the country style. Materials and surfaces with a handmade look or a hand-me-down appeal are what make a country-styled interior so charming. Hardwood floors provide rich, timeless character - perfectly suited for these rurally inspired spaces.