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Art & Science

Developing a beautiful, enduring floor is both an art and a science. Lauzon combines fresh, authentic styling and coloration with leading-edge technology and environmental integrity. Our goal is to provide customers with the latest trends in hardwood flooring, from traditional to contemporary, with exquisite craftsmanship and unsurpassed abrasion resistance.

The Art of Lauzon Flooring

Lauzon uses unique finishing techniques and different artisan techniques to create floors of rich character that celebrate style and craftsmanship. From turn-of-the-century to urban chic, we offer flooring to meet everyone’s tastes. For example:

Our Organik series reveals the hidden beauty of maple. No one has brought to the surface of maple hardwood its inherent beauty the way we have. Through our new, breakthrough process we have unlocked maple’s exquisite grain patterns, textures and mineral streaks. Combined with rich neutral shades and a warm-glow finish, this floor offers an astonishing design that will evolve to even greater elegance over time.

Our Authentik series features dramatic grain and a softly brushed finish with a low gloss surface, bringing out the natural beauty of oak. Combined with a fresh colour palette, Authentik adds understated elegance to any décor scheme.

Our Line Art Series provides everyday wood species like maple with a mineral or stone-like aspect for a decisively modern, sophisticated look.

Our Reserva Series features thermally modified or ‘roasted’ hardwood, giving an everyday species a richer hue, similar to that of exotic woods. Unlike surface stains, which color and protect only the top layer of the wood, ‘roasting’ affects the entire piece of wood through to the core. It can be processed, cut or sanded without losing any of its properties.

Our Urban Loft Series offers lightly wire-brushed white oak in wider, longer planks, with a low-matte finish and smoky color palette, from creamy white to rich earthy brown. The result is an edgy character, subtly expressed, which designers love.

Our Homestead Series bring to oak, hickory and walnut flooring true and honest hand scraping for a soft, subtle texture and low luster. The look is that of a time-worn floor that brings the warmth and allure of the past into the home.

Our Antique Series also uses different artisan techniques, including staining, sanding and hand scraping, to achieve an historical character and timeless beauty. We use staining to highlight the grain rather than to hide it.

These are just a few examples of the artistry we put into every floor series we create, to meet the needs and preferences of discerning home-owners.

The Science of Lauzon Flooring

To maintain its position as industry leader, Lauzon strategically invests in innovative technologies, in the research and development of new added-value products, and in the improvement of its management tools. Some of the cutting-edge processes we have developed, exclusively for Lauzon, include:

  • Breakthrough wood processing technology for sawing, drying, milling, and finishing.
  • The very first fully automated and computerized wood grading system in the world, utilizing the Photo Image Optimizer, to ensure an unparalleled level of consistency in the classification and grading of wood resources.
  • A light-activated, air-purifying agent called PURE GENIUS® made of titanium dioxide integrated into Lauzon’s TITANIUM™ floor finish, that improves indoor air quality of your home without compromising the quality and appearance of your hardwood flooring.
    PURE GENIUS contains ACTIO2TM technology licensed by Valinge Photocatalytic AB.
  • A unique polymerized Titanium finish, made without solvents, VOCs and formaldehyde, which maintains a crystal clear surface to highlight the natural warmth of the wood while providing unsurpassed abrasion resistance.

By combining the freshest thinking in both Art and Science, Lauzon has established itself as a global leader in the development of inspired, innovative flooring solutions.