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The Ultimate Hardwood Finish

Major advance over the industry norm

Lauzon’s exclusive Titanium Finish, developed in 1998, is made without solvents or any VOCs. Its unique polymerized technology maintains a crystal clear surface to highlight the natural warmth of the wood, even in low lustre gloss levels, while providing unsurpassed abrasion resistance.

No technology can trump Titanium when it comes to bringing out the authentic beauty of wood, without imposing health risks.

Dynamic flex

Dynamic Flex

Lauzon’s Titanium Finish bends and resists cracking when everyday objects fall on the floor.
Aluminum oxide finishes (which are the industry norm) are more brittle and tend to crack when everyday items fall on the floor. When cracking occurs, water penetrates into the wood creating ugly black stains in the wood. Lauzon Titanium finish provides superior protection and keeps your floor looking great over time.
Dynamic flex illustration
Sun protection

Sun Protection

Lauzon’s Sunshield minimizes the yellowing eFFects of the sun.
Bright light and sun can cause wood to yellow. Lauzon’s Sunshield protection is applied to both the wood and to the finish providing superior protection that will minimize the harmful effects of the sun.
Sun protection illustration
Lustre retention

Lustre Retention

Only Lauzon Titanium Finish maintains its sheen over time.
Over time foot traffic will dull the finish and create traffic patterns on most hardwood flooring. To prevent this, only Lauzon adds Titanium to its finish. Lauzon Titanium finish maintains the lustre of your floor over time.
Lustre retention illustration


Lauzon’s Titanium Finish is remarkably clear so you see the wood and not the finish.
Typically, aluminum oxide improves lustre in a floor’s finish but it often creates a milky appearance. Lauzon avoids this problem entirely by using Titanium, creating floors with an absolutely clear finish.
Clarity illustration
Titanium Matte
Oxide Aluminium