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How does it work?

Constant action. Consistent performance.

PURE GENIUS works constantly, without any loss of performance over time. Like a tree, PURE GENIUS breaks down molecules, converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide. It’s pure genius!

Activated by light.

Titanium dioxide naturally reacts to the presence of natural or artificial light. When it gets dark, the molecules continue to act for a while, then “recharge” when the light returns.

The entire floor is an interface area.

When exposed to light, the surface of your floor acts as a giant natural filter. As toxic molecules come into contact with the active nanoparticles of PURE GENIUS, they are naturally broken down and converted into harmless and imperceptible water and carbon dioxide molecules.

Triggered by the movement of air.

The elimination of toxic molecules requires contact with the floor’s TITANIUM; finish containing PURE GENIUS. Simple movement and basic ventilation are sufficient to ensure adequate air circulation.

The reaction


The Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) of the Pure Genius flooring is activated from being exposed to light (natural or artificial).


This activation initiates a reaction with the Oxygen (O2) and relative humidity (H2O) of the air, when in contact with the flooring.


Reactive species are then generated from these Oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O) molecules in the form of O2-, OH and HO2.


These reactive species release in the air then perform reduction processes on the VOCs with which they come in contact.


VOCs are by that action reduced to their most inoffensive state, being Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (the result of the human respiration process) and humidity (H2O).


The quantities of these harmless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and humidity (H2O) compounds are non-significant since their concentration can only be measured in parts per million (PPM) or parts per billion (PPB).


This action is constant because air at all times contains Oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O).


This action is also consistent and sustainable since our photoactive Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is not consumed by the reaction; it is only acting as a catalyst to get the chain reaction started.

A clever photocatalytic floor

Pure Genius is a real smart hardwood floor compared to other photocatalytic technologies.


Pure Genius is effective with visible light (natural and artificial), while most photocatalytics technologies available only react with natural sources (sun).


The active components of Pure Genius are concentrated directly on the air-flooring interface, maximizing air contact and therefore amounting to a more effective photocatalytic action. This is in comparison to, for example photocatalytic paints, cement, asphalt or ceramics, in which the additive is diluted within the whole body of the material and not on the surface where it is actually working.


Lauzon is the only manufacturers in the world to offer this technology in hardwood flooring.


Moreover, all Lauzon hardwood flooring offering the Pure Genius technology are all manufactured in Quebec (Canada).