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" We owe our company’s remarkable growth to our constant pursuit of excellence. "

LAUZON was founded in 1985 by David Lauzon. In the beginning, the company focused exclusively on manufacturing premium hardwood flooring. Its state-of-the-art technology, research and development on flooring finishes, and exclusive-to-North America products, led quickly to international success.

Today, LAUZON Distinctive Hardwood Flooring operates 10 locations and employs over 450 individuals. From the meticulous selection of hardwoods to transforming lumber into premium wood flooring, all operations are integrated under the company’s ownership. In keeping with high environmental standards, LAUZON has been converting its wood residue into recycled energy since 1995.

In 1995, LAUZON equipped its finishing plants with highly sophisticated technologies, enabling it to develop the most advanced finish application available to the North American market. And in 1998, LAUZON researchers developed Polynium+, a revolutionary polymerized titanium finish that comes from a line of solvent-free, VOC-free, and formaldehyde-free finishes which once again demonstrates LAUZON’s commitment to the environment.

Introduced in 1999 after years of research and development, LAUZON’s NextStep Collection was an engineering breakthrough in North American flooring. This collection is remarkable, in that it combines the beauty of a solid-sawn hardwood surface with an exclusive milling process underneath to ensure maximum durability.

In 2001, LAUZON Distinctive Hardwood Flooring in Papineauville, Quebec became the first North American enterprise in the flooring industry to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification.

In 2002, the company was the first to offer a treatment that slows the yellowing process of wood floors. Polynium+ with Sunshield revolutionized the wood flooring industry when LAUZON demonstrated its superiority over all other existing finishes.

In 2005, LAUZON launched Titanium Traffic as a superior finish, specifically designed for light commercial use and covered with a 5-year warranty.

In 2007, the company invested $50,000,000 into its Thurso sawmill to convert it to a revolutionary hybrid facility which allows LAUZON to select and cut each log based on the finished product required by its customers — a first in the industry.

In 2008, our researchers achieved the best of both worlds by combining the company’s two surface finishes into one that suits all purposes. The clarity of our Polynium+, together with the strength of our Titanium Traffic, resulted in the industry’s most efficient finish ever.

Also in 2008, LAUZON was proud to obtain FSC® certification for its entire line of solid Hard Maple products.